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Taxi Lyon to Courchevel

Transfer between Lyon Airport and Courchevel with a VTC driver, an alternative to Taxis

taxi lyon courchevel

Offer a qualitative and affordable alternative toLyon airport taxi for Lyon Courchevel journeys, this is the innovative vision defended by VTC CAB. Our tailor-made service and competitive prices appeal to customers looking for new mobility solutions. Free yourself from constraints to travel peacefully!VTC CAB reinvents your journeys with personalized support.
From the snow-covered Alps to the lights of the capital of Gaul, travel the roads with complete peace of mind. Choosing your transport has never been easier. VTC CAB takes care of everything to give you satisfaction. Travel light with grandiose landscapes in mind. The destination is no more than a formality, the essential is elsewhere. The journey becomes a timeless interlude conducive to relaxation and discussion. A moment for yourself, a moment to dream. Let yourself be carried away and enjoy every moment. Tomorrow is another day !

taxi transfer lyon courchevel

Why choose VTC CAB for Lyon-Courchevel?


Their competitive offer

A multitude of attractive offers are available to you to reach Courchevel from Lyon with VTC CAB.Our prices start from only €299 for a one-way trip in a sedan, a substantial reduction compared to usual taxi prices. In addition, they offer a fleet of spacious and comfortable vehicles such as Mercedes E Class or BMW 5 Series to fully enjoy your transfer. VTC CAB makes a point of remaining accessible with unbeatable prices.

Their tailor-made services

VTC CAB offers you a fully personalized quality service for yourtransfer Lyon-Courchevel. Their experienced drivers are at your disposal 24/7 to adapt to your needs. You can book your ride in just a few clicks via their website or mobile application. VTC CAB manages all stages of your trip: they pick you up wherever you want, manage your luggage and drop you off at your accommodation in the best conditions. Travel with peace of mind thanks to their tailor-made premium service.

The VTC CAB alternative to traditional taxis


The advantages of VTC

The competitive VTC sector offers innovative solutions compared to the traditional taxi offer. The VTC CAB service stands out through its know-how and cutting-edge technologies. Its recent vehicle fleet offers comfort and reliability. The personalized relationship with the driver opposes the anonymity of the taxi. Digital tracking of reservations provides flexibility and responsiveness. Fixed prices avoid the unpleasant surprises of the traditional race on the meter.

The disadvantages of the taxi

Many are abandoning taxis in favor of high-end VTC services. Their dilapidated vehicles and unwelcoming drivers are off-putting. Their random availability complicates the organization of travel. Their fluctuating prices generate costly surprises. Complicated payment by credit card or mobile application is annoying. Faced with these shortcomings, the personalized relationship of VTC is attractive. Its transparent prices and recent vehicles are reassuring. Its tailor-made service makes travel easier.

How to book with VTC CAB?


online booking

VTC CAB private transport provides a secure online reservation platform accessible 24/7. Customers can easily schedule their transfer from Lyon to Courchevel in just a few clicks. Simply enter travel dates and times, number of passengers and luggage to get an instant quote. The reservation is confirmed in real time. Convenient for booking at the last minute before going on vacation.

Phone contact

For customers preferring a more personal contact, VTC CAB has a team available at Available every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., the operators work with you to work out the best route and vehicle according to your needs. They answer all your questions so that your transfer to Courchevel takes place in the best conditions. Payment is made directly to the driver upon arrival. A simple and reassuring solution.

taxi transfer vtc lyon courchevel

Destinations served


TransferFrom Lyon

Residents of Lyon can benefit from an adapted transport service to the ski resorts of Savoie. The VTC CAB offers quality journeysdeparture from the Lyon metropolis  AndLyon Saint-Exupéry airport to ski areas such asCourchevel,Meribel OrVal Thorens. This service is an interesting alternative totraditional taxi, thanks to attractive prices and recent vehicles driven by professional drivers. More than 3,500 passengers are transported each year by VTC CAB from Lyon.

To the ski resorts

The VTC CAB specializes in transfers to the main French Alpine resorts. Located in Savoie and Haute-Savoie, these winter tourist destinations are popular with skiers from around the world. Courchevel, Val d'Isère, Tignes, La Plagne and Les Arcs are among the VTC CAB partner resorts. Thanks to a fleet of 350 vehicles, the company offers daily trips from major cities such as Lyon, Grenoble, Chambéry, Geneva or Annecy. Transportation is direct, with no intermediate stops.


Alternative to vehicle rental thanks to VTC CAB

Lyon and Courchevel comfortably connected by VTC CAB: a tailor-made service at unbeatable prices. Taking the opposite approach to traditional offers, the company chooses innovation to offer a unique experience to its passengers. The road becomes more than just a journey, it is a special moment dedicated to exchange and sharing. A journey on a human scale far from standardized routes. Goodbye routine, hello adventure! VTC CAB takes care of everyone so that the journey remains an unforgettable memory.
The automobile has the power to re-enchant the world. It is much more than a mode of travel, it is an invitation to travel. The road opens horizons, reveals landscapes and brings people together. In the era of sustainable mobility, VTC CAB works for responsible, supportive and meaningful transport solutions. Innovation in the service of social bonds.

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